Here’s the deal: There is an ugly, negative, stigma that is usually attached to network marketing.  I know I have placed one on it!  I’ve been pursued by many of my friends thinking that I would be amazing on their team.  It’s so flattering that my friends would think that!! I appreciate them wanting me to join with them.  Whether make up, nail wraps, lashes, or wraps; I just haven’t been interested.  Those are not the types of things that get me excited.

When I saw the transformation my sister was having with Plexus re: her mood, lack of migraines, and weight loss, that got me interested.  I didn’t care where she had gotten it from, I was going to try it.  And after I tried it, I was hooked!  If I had bought my Tri-plex at a super supplement-type store, I would be sharing about it just as much.  The real deal is that now, instead of a supplement store benefiting from my recommendations to others, I get to benefit financially from the great products Plexus has to offer.

So I guess I am a fan of network marketing!  I’m also a fan of feeling better, loosing weight (I’ve lost 11 pounds so far), crushing my cravings, and greatly reducing my sugar consumption. So if I suggest you try something made by Plexus, know that I’m not trying to use you for your money etc.  I genuinely want you to feel better and experience what I have been experiencing!!

I’m a Believer! Plexus is AWESOME!

Alright.  Here’s the deal . . .I’ve been taking Plexus Slim, ProBio5, and BioCleanse for about a month now.  I feel so much better than I have for quite some time.  I was depressed, had no drive, and kept gaining weight.  My sister started taking Plexus and was having results (more on that another day) so I tried it too.

One month in and I’m waking up refreshed in the morning.  I have energy in the afternoon when I am usually dying for a cup of coffee. My night time desire for sweets has reduced  significantly.  I’m not eating when I’m bored.  My cravings for carbs have reduced.  I’M NOT FEELING DEPRESSED!!!!

And I have lost 6 pounds.  For the last few years my weight has kept going up and up and up. I can’t even explain how good it felt to see it go down.

There will be more details coming soon!  I’m excited to devote my blog to health and happiness!!

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